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What to expect?

  • Inspiring and motivating environment through:







  • Most efficient and highly effective guidance focusing on:














  • Piano Lessons offered at intermediate and advanced level (from grade 5 up to post-conservatoire degree ) and tailored to the individual needs of a student. Apart from your piano skills, lessons will help to improve:











Who is it for?

  • Candidates for ABRSM/Trinity Exams, Music Auditions, Competitions, Diplomas


  • Anyone who want to develop further their piano technique, build up musical confidence and to enjoy playing their favourite pieces of music.

  • People who suffer from stage fright and paralysing performance anxiety.

My Motto

I believe that music has a great power to enrich our lives with its beauty, harmony and discipline. It brings a lot of satisfaction to reach and enjoy the high level of playing and musical understanding.

Every person has a different background and ambitions and I always adjust my approach appropriately to the need of my students. However the ultimate goal is always directed towards fulfilment and inspiration which comes from music.




Piano lessons London

In the last two years, Krzysztof has been an invaluable teacher. During lessons he finds clear, simple yet inspiring ways to help me find solutions to musical or technical challenges at the piano. He sets me up with the tools and knowledge that allow me to grow my musical confidence, and perform pieces like Chopin's first Ballade or Bach's Chaconne. Through his demonstrations at the piano I often find new dimensions in a piece, and always leave lessons with more motivation to improve. - Fraser

Krzysztof is a consummate musician who brings great skill, enthusiasm and flair to his teaching. His piano lessons don't just concentrate on technical aspects but also help me to capture and communicate the essence of a piece. Krzysztof has worked with me on a broad range of repertoire from Baroque to Modern and his insights are always fascinating and illuminating. With his expert tutelage, I was recently successful in achieving a distinction at ABRSM Grade 8. - Dermot

Krzysztof has been teaching our children (ages 10 and 8) for three months. He is a classically and rigorously trained pianist, and so is an ideal teacher for a serious piano student or one who wants to play with good technique. He has been working with our children on, amongst other things, the right finger positioning and timing; for example, he has all kinds of ideas and tricks to strengthen a weak finger, grasp the right timing of a group of semiquavers, or have a child keep focus over the course of a longer piece. He is a teacher who believes in putting in the work, and the progress our children have made in the past three months is a testament to this. He is strict but fair and encouraging, enthusiastic, punctual, polite and always available for questions. Our children adore him and enjoy their lessons, and importantly are willing to practice and want to improve. We thoroughly recommend Krzysztof and are incredibly lucky to have him as our children's piano teacher. Thank you, Krzysztof! - Wanching

Krzysztof is not only a highly talented musician but also a great teacher. He is very dedicated and enthusiastic - and has kept me motivated over the past couple of years of tuition. He has revealed the better piano player hidden inside me! - Rob

I feel very fortunate to have Krzysztof share his love and deep understanding of music with me regularly. He always has an analogy, exercise or other way of working details out that are immensely helpful and eye-opening, allowing his students to gain a better grip on the intricacies of the structure of a piece and the general art of piano-playing. He has also got together a great group of people in order to meet up and perform our pieces, which has been very helpful to learn how to cope with stress and anxiety on the stage! I firmly recommend him as a teacher to anyone who wants to keep improving their relationship with the piano. - Mark

Outstanding teacher and musician. Broad knowledge, the highest expectations, full of insight, very supportive. Wonderful pianist.- Jake

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I would love to help and am looking forward to hearing from you!

“Life is like a piano.
What you get out of it depends on how you play it.” – Tom Lehrer
“There is only one real happiness in life,
and that is the happiness of creating.” – Frederick Delius
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