“Life is like a piano.
What you get out of it depends on how you play it.” – Tom Lehrer


  • I believe that music has a great power to enrich our lives and everyone deserves it.

  • Improving your piano skills will help you to build up confidence and to enjoy playing pieces by your favourite composers

  • Every person is different and I always adjust my approach specially to the need of my students. However the goal is always directed towards fullfilment and inspiration which comes from music.



Piano lessons London
“There is only one real happiness in life,
and that is the happiness of creating.” – Frederick Delius

  • Lessons are offered at intermediate and advanced level (from grade 4 up to post-conservatoire degree ) 

  • Preparation for ABRSM and Trinity exams, auditions and competitions, concerts and other performances as well as working in relaxed and stimulating environment exploring beauty and musical detail.

  • Students can develop further their piano technique and musicianship alongside with their aural skills, knowledge of harmony, analysis, sight-reading and elements of improvisation.